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Zoom is changing the way we select an outfit for a job interview. What works for an in-person interview may look horrible for a video meeting. So, before you participate in your next Zoom interview, try these tips for what to wear on Zoom this spring.

What to Wear for Your Spring Zoom Interview?


Proper grooming is an essential part of personal style and a fantastic way to show your professionalism during a video job interview. Style your hair as neatly as you can and if you wear makeup, put on a little more than usual, so the contrast shows through the fuzziness of a webcam feed. Keep your face clean and look bright for the camera, so you leave a good impression.

Make Your Outfit a Cultural Fit

Try to look as though you fit into the company’s culture. Take your cues from the company culture and dress a bit fancier. Speak with people at the company, understand the company’s values, and align yourself with those values. The idea is to develop an outfit that says you know the company’s culture to which you are applying.

Take Note of Your Background

Your background matters as much as your outfit. Remember that your Zoom window shows only a small frame, so keep it neat. Now that workers are broadcasting from home and working remotely, it is vital that you set up your background to represent professionalism. Try to create an engaging, conversation-worthy environment that is not distracting. Keep in mind that your background color and lighting will dictate your outfit.

Avoid Busy Patterns

Thanks to buffering, video feeds are often fuzzy. Consequently, busy patterns work poorly for a Zoom interview. Tone it down and contemplate wearing something solid or a pattern in a controlled manner. The idea is to have people focus on you and not feel like they need to turn off the camera due to dizziness!

Use Good Lighting

A hiring manager does not expect you to have perfect lighting. However, there is no point in dressing nice if you do not have adequate lighting. It is crucial that your lighting in the room be correct so the colors you are wearing show up boldly and vividly. Experiment with your lighting and try to ensure that the sun is not blinding. Keep in mind that the angel of the sun will change depending on the time of day. Use lamps for warmer tones, close drapes, and throw blankets over lamps to bring bright lights into play.

Stick With a Few Favorites

If you do well, you will likely have more than one interview. Pick a few favorite outfits to feel confident and present. Choose special outfits like favorite shirts or dresses that bring good energy to your interview.

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