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As many employees work from home, it is vital to understand what to look for in a remote employee. Workers with the right attitude and mindset for remote work are the most successful when working from home. Here are essential qualities to watch for in remote employees.

8 Key Qualities Successful Remote Employees Possess

Communication Skills

Remote employees are not working at your office, so it is crucial to find workers who can communicate effectively with other team members. Poor communication can impact your entire organization. When working remotely, over-communication is better than under-communication, so carefully choose candidates who possess the proper oral and written communication skills.


A productive remote employee will make final results their priority. A quality to seek in a remote worker is one who goes beyond just clocking in each day and tries to get results efficiently. These employees understand that results are more important than just staying busy.

Planning Ability

Office staff members have on-site guidance when working toward a goal. For remote workers to be beneficial, they must have the ability to plan and execute work without someone looking over their shoulders. It is vital to find workers who can take the initiative.

Can Work Independently

The ability to work independently is an essential quality for a remote worker. Organizations should seek employees who demonstrate self-sufficiency and can do independent research without being spoon-fed. Being able to figure things out independently is a quality of a successful remote worker.

Positive Attitude

Your office might have a second to none culture, but ensuring that your remote workers enjoy the same experience is challenging. It is vital to find employees who can stay positive and motivate themselves. Negative attitudes destroy productivity, so seek those who can handle stressful situations.


When workers miss deadlines, dependent tasks and entire projects suffer as your company loses money. Being a dependable and trustworthy member of the team is an important quality to seek in remote employees. Make it a point to assess for this trait when interviewing.


Seek why a candidate wants a remote position as it could be an excuse to take it easy. When interviewing candidates, ask them what they are seeking specifically. Is it flexibility, avoiding commute time, or family commitments? A remote employee must be committed to your company with the motivation to contribute to its success.


When remote employees fail to respond to emails, chats, or phone calls, the results can be disastrous. The best remote employees are the ones who comprehend the need for communication and make an effort to update your team on their progress frequently—test for responsiveness during the job interview.

Technical Ability

Individuals who understand the use of digital tools make the best remote employees. These candidates can troubleshoot technical issues independently without losing time waiting on technical support to help them. Technical aptitude also ensures that confidential information stays secure among remote team members.

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