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We are slowly beginning to transition back to our offices which means it is time to jump from remote work to in-person work. However, the transition from remote work back to the office can be challenging. Here is advice to help you move from working remotely back into your old office.

6 Ways to Make Your Transition Back to The Office Easier

Meet Weekly With Your Manager

To stay focused on your obligations at work, set a weekly time with your manager to review your current progress. It is an excellent way to connect and monitor all current projects while giving you a scheduled break from the day-to-day activities. Scheduling meetings is a fantastic way to be proactive, and your manager will be grateful.

Track Responsibilities

When you return to your office, you will discover which time management system works the best for you. In the interim, construct a note of your tasks, meetings, and other responsibilities to know what you should be doing. Keeping these tasks on one document will give you a resource to refer to when needed.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Working by yourself at home is dramatically different from working in a busy and noisy office. Try to rid yourself of as many distractions as possible. To minimize distractions upon your return, put your phone on silent or wear noise-canceling headphones so you can focus. If you need space from your co-workers, ask for it. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a colleague to return when you are less occupied.

Make the Most of Your Commute

Perhaps the most challenging part of returning to the office is the commute. Long daily drives make you feel like you are wasting hours per day driving to the office. The key is to find ways to make these commutes worthwhile. There are multiple ways to utilize your time, such as listening to podcasts, learning a foreign language, or calling an old co-worker. Do not be astounded if you find yourself looking forward to this personal time each day.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Your in-person relationships will be different from your virtual friendships. Now, instead of using Slack, you will see your colleagues in person daily. Take time and get to know them better. Have lunch or take a coffee break together. It will make for better working relationships and make your time in the office more worthwhile.

Stick to a Routine

Now that you are back in the world of drop-bys and impromptu meetings, it is essential that you try to maintain the familiar routine. Keeping your usual routine will help you be as productive as possible. Of course, if your usual way includes folding laundry during a conference call, you will leave that out. However, you can structure your day so you can tackle different tasks at the time when you are most productive. Be sure to let your boss and co-workers know of your work preferences.

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