Looking for Jobs in Denver? 5 Tips to Help Recent College Graduates Get Hired Faster

Are you a new graduate who is seeking a job in Denver? Although we are living in unprecedented times, job opportunities do exist. So, take heart, there is work available. With a bit of creativity, an effective resume, and a focused job search, you will have a great chance at finding an opportunity. Here is advice for finding a job as a recent graduate.

Five Job Search Tips For Recent Graduates in Denver

Focus Your Search in the Right Places

Career websites and platforms offer COVID-19-specific resources. These resources will show you who is hiring and provide information about job hunting in general. Glassdoor maintains a job search hub that has the latest in-demand jobs and remote work. The site also has a hiring surge explorer, which displays companies actively hiring for various roles. If you want a running list of hiring companies, check out the COVID-19 resource center at LinkedIn.

Do not forget to check specialized job boards where you can focus your search on industry or location-specific boards. Excellent board examples include MediaBistro, Built In NYC, and Spend your time with job boards that allow you to narrow searchers in areas of focus, geography, experience level, duration, and date of posting. Do not forget to create job alerts! Most job sites will send notifications when relevant jobs become available.


Tap Your Creativity

Remain open to multiple ways of gaining career experience, even if it is not how you imagine your career playing out. It might be temporary work or taking a contract assignment that gets your foot into the door. Flexibility and creativity are crucial, so keep an open mind and embrace opportunities that come your way. Consider a virtual internship or working for a nonprofit. The essential thing is to grow your skills to have an advantage when a position that fits your career goals becomes available.


The Job Search Is a Full-Time Endeavor

Handle your job search like a full-time job. Please keep track of all contacts that you make and follow up with them. Share your job hunt with a family member or friend who can help you stay focused and on track. Be a continuous player and be persistent. To get hired, you must apply. Rest assured that others will apply, and opportunities will be lost.



A strong network that includes faculty members, peers, career services offices, and alumni is crucial to your job hunt. Spending time building professional relationships and staying connected is well worth the effort. Do not let social distancing stop you either; there are virtual networking events on social media. Let your extended family and friends know of your intentions and remember that word-of-mouth is compelling.


Optimize Your Resume

Automated applicant tracking systems that hunt for keywords to match resumes with openings are the norm now. Look for words that stand out in job postings. These words are likely what the recruiters are looking for, so make sure you incorporate the words into your resume. Try to use language reflected in industry job ads.


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