Improving Employee Wellness Shouldn’t Only Focus on Mental Health: 5 Areas That Help Improve Overall Wellness

The happenings of the past year have undoubtedly impacted our personal and professional well-being. It is now up to companies to keep their employees engaged, productive, safe, and fulfilled in an unprecedented work environment. The days of organizational wellness consisting of employee benefits and physical orientation are over. These corporate fitness efforts fail to treat the whole individual. Employers must now take a holistic approach to their workers’ well-being and provide resources for mental, physical, financial, and social well-being.

5 Areas of Wellness to Focus to Improve Your Employees Day to Day


Mental Health

Mental health plays a significant role in holistic well-being. Unfortunately, we are failing to address it effectively. Now is the moment to part ways with the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health treatment and use diverse resources to meet the different needs of all employees. While no solution will fit all companies, listening to your employee’s feelings is a good place to start. To start, encourage your employees to be honest about their feelings. Another consideration is to leverage your EAP to support mental health, but ensure diversity exists to treat all employees. Finally, you might consider hiring a part-time therapist to serve as the first point of contact for employees.


Physical Health

When mental health suffers, physical health failure will not be far behind. Consider on-site health screenings, cooking classes, group walks, fitness boot camps, and smoking reduction programs. Solve the challenge of getting your employees to take advantage of the resources by building encouragement into your company structures, such as offering healthy meal options in the cafeteria. Additionally, you can allow employees to take walk breaks throughout the day. This can help with physical health as well as focus.


Professional Health

The desire of employees to upskill and reskill during the pandemic has been unprecedented. Sometimes, it is challenging for employers to consider how they design, develop, and deliver training across their organizations. Perhaps it is time to restructure your onboarding process to accommodate remote workers better and offer management training to equip your leaders to support your team members adequately. Also, make sure you are getting the most out of your employee evaluations. These reviews provide a great opportunity to discuss clear next steps and opportunities for advancement with your employees.


Social Health

The isolation of remote work and social distancing is increasing the importance of social health. Endeavor to support your staff’s relationships within and beyond the walls of your company. To begin, brighten things up by hosting social gatherings such as picnics, parties, and other events that allow your employees to build and strengthen relationships. As more of your staff becomes vaccinated, you will be able to host more team-building social events. It will be key to check in with your staff about their comfort level returning to social gatherings in the post-pandemic world. Also, you will want to make sure that the activities you choose do not feel forced. Finally, make these social events optional, so it doesn’t feel like another item on their list of things to do and meetings to attend.


Financial Health

With cutbacks on spending and staff levels, financial health and security are a significant concern. Consider offering benefits packages that include short and long-term disability options. These benefits typically have a low monthly cost and can give peace of mind to your employees. Additionally, you might wish to consider offering financial literacy courses. The topics of these courses might include budgeting, debt reduction, credit repair, home buying, and retirement investing. Your employees will benefit significantly from learning effective financial habits that will support their long-term financial wellness.


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