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At some point in your career, you might be unhappy with your job. Sometimes it is apparent, and other times it is not as clear. Either way, signs are telling you it may be time to go. People often miss these signs and dismiss them as a regular part of being employed. Here are six signs that you do not want to miss. These indicators are telling you it is time to search for a new job. Please pay attention to them.

Six Signs You Need a New Job

You Are Thinking About a New Job

Are you sitting at your desk and thinking about other jobs daily? That is a significant sign that it might be time to look for a new job. You might even be searching for a job while at your current job. If so, be sure to keep your job search a secret. Do not give your current employer a reason to fire you. If possible, do your searching and daydreaming outside of the office. Be conscientious of what you post on social media concerning your hunt for a new job.

No Sleep

Not being happy with your job is terrible. Not being able to sleep at night because of the job is even worse. Waking up in the night worrying about your job is not healthy. Sleep is essential to your health, and a loss of it can exacerbate an already unpleasant situation. Being tired at work will make everything challenging. Although you are dissatisfied with work, do not let it cost you sleep.


Conversations Are Limited to Work Complaints

When your conversations outside of work revolve around the negative aspects of your job, it is time to start looking elsewhere for employment. Unfortunately, we all think about our jobs sometimes after work hours. However, dwelling on nothing other than job dissatisfaction is unhealthy. Worse still, it takes away time spent with our families and friends or reviewing the positive accomplishments for the day.


Eating Too Much

For some, food provides a panacea, much like drugs and alcohol might do for others. However, work stress can also cause others to lose their appetites. So if you are eating and drinking too much or too little due to stress at work, it could be time to find another position.


Drinking Too Much

It is OK to meet up with friends and have a few drinks at a favorite tavern or relax with a glass of wine after a tough day. However, the workday should not cause you to drink incessantly. When large amounts of alcohol are on the table due to work, an assessment of your current situation is certainly in order.


Arguing With Colleagues

If job dissatisfaction is reaching the point of warnings about performance or behavior, it is a road sign that this might not be the right job for you. Seek out another position instead of causing office tension. It is always better to leave a job on good terms with recommendations and networking connections instead of being fired. Yes, many of these signs might be related to personal, emotional, or physical problems. However, if work is the cause, look for employment elsewhere.


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