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As Generation Z enters the workforce, they are rapidly establishing themselves with their technical abilities, excellent communication skills, and ability to adapt quickly to new situations. As a result, the expectation is that they will comprise more than 20% of the global workforce in the next five years. So what strategy will your company use to attract these workers? Here are five ideas to get you thinking.

5 Ways For Denver Companies to Attract More Gen Z Candidates to Open Jobs

Flexibility Is a Must

If you want to attract Gen Z candidates, you must offer flexibility in the workplace. This generation has never known a world without internet access and instant communication. This cohort is always on and understands how to switch it off. If your organization is only offering permanent contracts, a vacation package and a 9-5 workday, securing the talents of Gen Z workers will be challenging.

This generation believes that if they deliver high-quality work, the hours spent in the workplace should not matter. So, if possible, offer a delivery-based contract instead of demanding 40 hours a week of their time. Additionally, you might provide the opportunity for them to work anywhere and anytime.


Financial Incentives

The Gen Z generation takes a cautionary approach to how they spend and save money. Nevertheless, they consider it a fundamental activity. This group will be watching not only the salary you offer them but the full range of incentives you might offer at your company. Health care and dental insurance mean much more to this group than inconsequential perks.


Career Development

Gen Z workers avoid seeking security in one job. They view themselves as an investment for which they appreciate the opportunity to learn as much as possible. In their view, learning more today makes them more valuable to employers in the future. Those organizations that offer learning and development opportunities will be the ones to hang on to top talent. What is the No. 1 factor that attracts Gen Z employees to a job? Career advancement.


Make an Investment in Technology

Gen Z, a generation that has never known a world without the internet, is more proficient with communication than any generation before them. Instant messenger, social media, and email are tools this generation has known since childhood. To benefit from these skills, you must offer the tools they need, including technology that helps and not hinders their roles. Use cloud technology so they can work anywhere and anytime. Use systems that automate administrative tasks across the whole organization.

Consider Their Well-Being

Gen Z workers want to work for employers who care about mental health issues. Most have already experienced stress and burnout in their jobs. Employees with high stress levels tend to miss workdays, are disengaged, and leave employment prematurely. An effective stress management program is critical to retain top Gen Z talent.


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