Kids Going Back to School? 3 Tips for Working Parents

School bells will soon be ringing, signaling in yet another school year. It is that time when employees rush to drop their children off at school and it is an adjustment for everyone. When you have children who might not want to return to school and their parents juggling countless responsibilities both at the office and at home, you have a challenging situation. There is the purchase of school supplies, health forms, meeting teachers, attending back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, and sports tryouts. All of these obstacles while you are trying to maintain a job and a home.

What can you do? If your children are returning to school in a few weeks and you have a full-time job, what can you do to tackle all of the commitments that accompany a school year? Take a look at these three tips for working parents with children returning to school. You might find something that can help ease the burden of the upcoming school year.

Three Tips For Working Parents This Back To School Season


Schedule Time for Involvement

Think about how often you schedule time at your place of work. For various reasons, we all set aside time for activities at work. For one reason or another, however, scheduling time for personal reasons is complicated. You must find a manageable amount of time for school involvement and make it a priority. Be creative. Consider volunteering in the classroom once a month or being a chaperone at an occasional field trip. Take advantage of that time in the car on the way to school too. Being stuck in traffic can be a great time to speak with your child and have their full attention.


Make a Commitment to One Thing

Parents often stress and feel guilty about what we think we should be doing for our children—a smiling greeting with freshly baked homemade cookies after school or a hand-sewn costume for a school play. However pleasant this sounds, these days, it is not realistic. You might be trying to live up to the high standard your parents set for you. The problem is that your life and circumstances are different from their experiences. You cannot do it all, so do not try. Instead, commit to one thing instead of overextending yourself.


Maintain Open Lines of Communication

Keep up communication gets increasingly difficult as children age. When they get older and have a measure of independence, it becomes challenging to maintain contact beyond texting. Understand that the manner in which you engage your children in conversation is just as important as having the time and space for talking. Avoid hitting them with multiple questions the minute they come through the door. No teenager wants this experience. Instead, share what is going on in your world and support your child’s successes and hard work.


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