4 Things Denver’s Top Companies Look for During Interviews

Companies worldwide are scrambling to attract and hire top talent. So, what can you do to set yourself apart and get an edge in the interviewing process? What is it that makes the difference between you and an equally competent candidate? Here are four things that the top companies in Denver are looking for in an interview.

Four Things Denver Companies Look For During an Interview


Skills and experience are crucial for getting hired. So is passion. You can make an argument that passion is a must-have credential. Skills are teachable, but passion is not. The important thing is to bring your whole self to a job interview and clarify how thrilled and enthusiastic you are about the opportunity. The last thing you want is for a hiring manager to doubt your genuine interest in the role. Here are a few ways to demonstrate your passion during a job interview:

  • Do your research
  • Ask meaningful, compelling questions
  • Be authentic
  • Back up your passion with evidence
  • Share a personal story


Hiring managers seek job candidates who take the time to research their company. One survey found that 88% of hiring managers say that an informed candidate is the top quality they look for when interviewing. So how do you prepare? Take a copious amount of time to read up on the organization meticulously. You want to find up-to-date insights into the company’s priorities. Demonstrate your understanding of the company. Try to find connections with current employees so you can communicate with people on the inside. Try to discover who will be interviewing you and investigate their background so you can prepare questions that are specific to each interviewer. Ideally, you can find a personal connection.


Establishing and sustaining a solid corporate culture is essential for success. Hiring managers try to keep a positive culture by ensuring that new hires fit in their culture. Companies that base their hiring on fit will typically use their cultural values in the interview process. Some managers use an objective assessment to identify people who are likely to be an excellent cultural fit for their company. Hiring for fit is particularly essential for small organizations. Remember that it is not about how similar you are to the person interviewing you. It is about bringing a unique perspective to the table that will enhance the team.

A Willingness to Learn

Organizations are looking for candidates who can hit the ground running, so your capacity to learn is critical. You must know about the company, and if you are in a client-facing role, you will need to learn about your customers. Recruiters might overlook your lack of industry knowledge if you can grasp new concepts quickly. To demonstrate your inclination to learn, embrace emerging technology, and ask intelligent questions in the job interview while highlighting your commitment to career growth.


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