In the current work environment of remote working, a rise in the gig economy, and freelance working, HR departments must change to meet these conditions. In Denver, small-business owners must keep up with the changes or risk losing employees to their competitors who do change. Here are HR strategies for small businesses in Denver.

Four HR Strategies for Your Denver Small Business

Eliminate Biased Recruiting

Eliminating bias from the recruitment process is not possible. However, you can eliminate as much bias as possible during the talent acquisition process to receive the benefits of a diverse workforce. Discrimination is not limited to face-to-face interviews either. It can be present when creating a job ad, screening candidates, or answering questions for assessments. If you want to have a fair and inclusive hiring process, consider:

  • Assemble a diverse hiring team. Include employees from different departments with different skill sets and backgrounds. These workers can provide additional insights into candidates and the process in general.
  • Automate the process. Modern applicant tracking systems can help to reduce bias. There are editable templates for creating inclusive job ads. AI-powered auto-suggest scans online profiles to find candidates based solely on skills and requirements without other factors.

Invest in Learning and Development

Many small-business owners view training as costly and do not recognize its value to their company. However, training will boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. Remember that it is much less expensive to train current employees than to recruit a new worker with specialized skills.

Tie training to your company goals. Concentrate on the skills that your company needs to execute its human resource planning objectives. Establish and track HR metrics to gauge how the training contributes to your business and what changes will optimize its performance.

Fair and Transparent Compensation

It is time to stop being secretive about compensation and talk about it openly. Transparently discussing compensation will create a better work environment, develop a relationship of trust and boost employee morale. Small businesses often run on tight margins. However, your people are your No. 1 asset, so make paying them what they are worth a priority. Consider:

  • Incentives. You do not have to limit compensation to a paycheck. Benefits such as flexible working, working from home, a summer schedule, and access to training will create incentives for employees to stay with your company.
  • Benchmark your competitors and the industry. Is your organization matching your competitors and the industry? There is software that includes compensation management functionality that shows where your business might be lagging compared to other companies in the industry.

Make Talent and Performance Management a Priority

It is essential that you develop a talent management program that supports development. You and your employees should set goals and performance metrics together. Make goals attainable, aligned with the company’s overall goals and be in areas of interest to employees. Understand the motivation of your employees and give them continuous feedback.


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