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Keywords are words and short phrases related to the requirements of a particular job. Keywords are the skills, abilities, credentials, and qualities that a hiring manager looks for in a candidate. If you want to get noticed by some of the top companies in Denver, resume keywords are critical for your success. Include keywords in your resume, and you will raise your chances of landing an interview.

Resume Keywords You May Be Missing That Are Keeping You From Getting Noticed by Denver’s Top Companies


Applicant Tracking System

Scanning each resume for keywords is tedious, so employers now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen candidates. An ATS eliminates resumes that are missing keywords. If the tracking software or the hiring manager fails to detect the specific keywords in your resume, there is an excellent chance they will throw your resume out. Do not allow this to happen. Embed keywords in your resume to show companies that you can fulfill the position’s requirements at one glance.


Keyword Types

Keywords for your resume should include your skills, competencies, credentials, and previous jobs and employers. Seek keywords that, at one glance, will indicate to a hiring manager that you are an exceptional fit for the vacancy. Let us say that you seek an employee benefits management position. Your resume might include terms such as the following:

  • Employee benefits
  • Health care benefits
  • Benefit policies

Those job candidates who seek a customer service type position might include these keywords:

  • Customer service
  • Customer tracking
  • Order entry experience
  • Computer skills

How to Find Keywords

Take a look at job postings. Find ones that might be similar to the positions you have an interest in pursuing. Find keywords in the announcement and incorporate those words into your resume. Look at jobs that match your experience and find the keywords. You will likely find these words throughout the listing and particularly in the qualifications section.

Scan the company website for possible keywords too. Use words that the company uses to describe itself and incorporate them to demonstrate that you fit the position. The “about us” page will furnish you with several keywords. Remember to update your keywords frequently.


How to Use the Keywords

Unfortunately, there is no universal list of keywords to use in a resume. The keywords for a teacher’s resume and that of a welder will be different indeed. Here is guidance for using keywords:

  • Be specific. Avoid using general terms because recruiters will be using specific terms.
  • Place keywords throughout your resume. You must use more than one keyword, so pick out a few keywords and sprinkle them throughout the entire resume.
  • Avoid using too many keywords. Do not try to cram keywords into the resume. Avoid this practice of keyword stuffing because a human will eventually look at the resume.
  • Check and re-check spelling. Although keyword scanners are high-tech, they cannot find misspelled words, so make sure you check your work.

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