7 Tips for Destressing at Work Quickly

Work is stressful. The tight deadlines and high stakes can cause you to lose focus and become anxious. If we let stress run free for extended periods, it can become detrimental to our health. The welcome news is that you can destress at work. You can address stress and stay productive and happy at work. The best part is that you can calm your mind in a matter of minutes with the following tips.

Seven Ways to Calm Down At Work


Since 5,000 BCE, meditation has been an effective way for people to relax, and it is still providing multiple health benefits. It is better for the workplace as you do not need special equipment or preparation to practice meditation. You can use guided meditation with the help of an app or a mantra. The important thing is that you spend a few minutes every hectic day to clear your mind. Meditation will lower your stress level and restore a sense of well-being.


If you experience stress, then you probably take rapid, shallow breaths without even thinking about it. Practical breathing exercises can break you out of the stress rhythm and help you refocus your mind. It is straightforward too! Close your eyes and breath in deeply, then breath out deeply. Breathing exercises are a proven method of releasing stress.

The Great Outdoors

Mother Nature is unquestionably the best de-stressor of them all. Stepping outside is a proven way to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Not only that, when you go out, you benefit from the vitamin D you get from the sunshine. As little as 10 minutes outside can decrease your stress levels.


Exercise is highly effective at alleviating stress. Unfortunately, it is hard to find the time for a full workout somedays. It’s OK. You can still free yourself of tension by stretching. Stretching can release muscle tension that you are unknowingly holding in your body. It can also slow your breathing rate and lower your blood pressure.

Essential Oils

There is a reason people are passionate about using essential oils. They work. A few drips of lavender or peppermint in a diffuser can calm you. You can even dab it on your temples or wrists for relaxing. Lavender helps stress, agitation and sleep. Furthermore, lavender is as effective as anti-anxiety drugs in reducing anxiety. Lemon, sage, and jasmine are also effective at relieving stress.


Acupuncture proves that stimulating specific points can lower your stress levels. Touchpoint wearables also stimulate particular points to reduce stress and improve your sleep. These points are fast ways to blow off steam and feel more relaxed.


Do you have an office cat? Perhaps a co-worker might bring their dog to work one day? These are fantastic de-stressors. Interaction with animals lowers cortisol levels and boosts your mood. Fish are also great for reducing stress levels.


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