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Your organization has a unique company culture resulting from people, leadership and daily events. It is vital to company success and employee morale. Now that many people are working remotely, maintaining company culture is challenging, crucial, and more important than ever before. Do not let remote work stop your organization from maintaining your company culture. Here are ways to keep your company culture thriving.

How to Keep Your Company Culture Alive in a Remote Environment


Virtual Get-Togethers


An unfortunate downside to remote working for many people is the loneliness of working alone. It is a challenge because people miss social contact when working from home. To keep company culture alive within your organization, you must appreciate this need and make socializing part of your day-to-day business.

Consider setting up regular weekly meetings among individual teams with the only purpose being to get together and socialize. These meetings are an excellent way for team members to catch up on office talk while enjoying a cup of coffee or a favorite beverage. Use this concept on a larger scale by hosting a biweekly virtual happy hour to get together. Also, try encouraging cross-team partnerships by having weekly random pairing with two to three people to promote bonding.


Monthly Pulse Checks


Your team members are essential for the success of your organization. Unfortunately, with remote work, it is not easy to know how your employees are doing. Run a monthly pulse check to see how your employees feel about their jobs and their remote experience.

Pulse checks are short surveys with quick rating questions that allow you to access your team members’ insights, crucial for your organization. Of course, one of the most vital pieces of the pulse check concerns the remote experience. When you receive the answers, please share them with team leaders to discuss the essential points and make changes if necessary.


Strategic Meetings


Nine in 10 remote employees say that video conferencing gives them a connection to their colleagues. So, it is vital that you keep people in touch with your company culture by running all-company meetings. These gatherings are the perfect time for aligning and connecting your entire team. You can run weekly meetings and share the previous week’s highlights and the current week’s priorities. A monthly version allows you to share business and people updates while celebrating your team.


Internal Newsletters


Meetings are a fantastic way to keep people informed. Internal newsletters are great too. A newsletter is ideal for summarizing the week’s essential news while ensuring everyone is current with company goals. In your newsletter, you may wish to share:

  • Previous week business
  • A special section for the most important news
  • People updates such as new hires and employees leaving
  • Birthdays
  • Memos, blog posts, photographs and recordings
  • Individual department news

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