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The year is gradually approaching the holiday season. The holidays are a superb time to show your appreciation to your hard-working employees. The best part is the numerous ways you can thank your team. Anything from gifts to a holiday meal to a thank you note will suffice. You can thank your personnel this holiday season on any sized budget. Here is a sampling of ideas.


Six Ways To Show Appreciation to Your Employees During the Holidays


Plenty of Paid Days Off

The holidays are all about devoting time to family. Your employees are no different, no matter how much they enjoy their jobs. As their employer, you need to understand this desire for family time and provide adequate time off for each holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas each only take up one day per year. However, it is essential that you provide buffer time to allow your team to travel to see their family without feeling rushed.


No Work Emails

Show appreciation by creating a no work emails policy during days off. If an employee is off for a holiday, they are off. Avoid sending emails about work and encourage employees to avoid checking emails during off time. As their employer, you must refrain from sending emails too. Determine a time when you want the company to go dark on emails and stick to the plan.


Appreciation Gifts

Who doesn’t love giving and receiving presents during the holiday season? Your employees are no different. The gifts need not be extravagant, just simple tokens of appreciation:

  • Small gift cards
  • A hot cocoa kit
  • Handmade items
  • Thank you notes
  • Lunch catered

Do not limit gift-giving to holidays only. You can show appreciation throughout the year. Keep a stack of gift cards at your desk for thanking employees for great work.


Offer Financial Relief

It is effortless to overspend during the holiday season. Your employees may spend too much on toys, food, or travel to see distant loved ones. It is not an obligation, but you can offer financial relief during the holiday season. Consider purchasing a meal or writing holiday bonus checks. Offering personal finance training can certainly help too.


Eat a Meal Together

Take your team members to a restaurant to celebrate together. Let your staff choose the place. Or you can order pizza or deli sandwiches in if you prefer. Schedule a brunch to celebrate your team’s successes for the year.


Say Thanks

Nothing on this list tops a simple thank you, a phrase we never hear enough. These words show deep appreciation and gratitude to your team. It is indeed a low-cost option. Stroll around your workplace and thank anyone you encounter.


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