Job Searching in Denver? How to Choose Between Hybrid, Remote and In-Person Jobs

As you search for jobs in Denver, you must consider the impact COVID-19 is having on work situations. Gone are the days of strictly working 40-hour weeks in a physical office. These days, you can choose from hybrid, remote and in-person jobs. Here is some help for making the right choice.

How to Choose Between Hybrid, Remote, and In-Person Jobs


Health and Safety

COVID-19 is undoubtedly shining a light on the health and safety of employees. During these tentative times, it is crucial that you remain vigilant. You must compare the health and safety issues of returning to the office against working hybrid or in a remote setting. Ask questions such as:

  • Is the vaccination mandatory for in-office employees?
  • What type of air ventilation system is in place?
  • Has your company instituted physical distancing measures?
  • How often are the buildings sanitized and cleaned?

It would be best for you to be concerned about these questions and others. Also, examine how a remote, in-office, or hybrid arrangement might benefit your emotional health and well-being.


Job Description

At the beginning of the pandemic, companies had to consider what jobs necessitated an in-office presence. It has undoubtedly created more opportunities for remote work. However, some jobs are impossible to perform remotely, with hospitality, and travel coming to mind.

There are also jobs where tasks can be both remote and require a partial physical presence. Some positions have flexibility, while others leave little room to maneuver. Think about what gear you will require and whether you can deliver quality remotely, hybrid or in-person.

Communication Style

When choosing between in-person, hybrid, and remote work, think about your communication style. Do you love verbal communication and attending in-person meetings? An office position might be for you. Or are you an introvert who prefers the chance to pause and think about your communication? For you, a hybrid or remote arrangement probably looks appealing. Keep in mind that communication is not limited to your individual style preference. Additionally, it includes the communication culture at your organization.


Reflect on your experiences working in the office and working from home. Compare your energy levels. Do you get a boost being around people? Or does interaction leave you drained from engaging in small talk all day? Consider if a physical office allows you to focus on your work or if working from home sparks creativity. Weigh out the best way to absorb and retain information, whether home, hybrid or in-person.

Career Advancement

It is essential to understand that career advancement often depends on your proximity to leadership within your organization. Proximity influences a company’s decision to promote employees. Unfortunately, companies often favor office employees over hybrid and remote workers. Visibility impacts career advancement, so consider this when you weigh out your working options.

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