Do You Know What Candidates Are Looking For in 2022? Set Your Denver Business Apart!

If you are looking to set your Denver business apart from the pack in 2022, it is crucial that you understand what candidates are looking for in the days and weeks to come. Try to meet candidate expectations across the hiring process. Try to be consistent and develop a reputation for being a people-centric company. In 2022, it’s all about simple application processes and timely follow-ups. Here are ways to set your company apart in the coming year.

How to Stand Out To Candidates in the New Year

Prioritize Talent

Recently, a survey uncovered some disheartening news. A whopping 96% of employees surveyed believe that it is essential to feel appreciated at work. However, only 37% indicate that they are content with the amount of appreciation they experience at work. Your organization must view its valuable employees not simply as a resource but rather as a strategic investment.

Meet Job Candidates Where They Are

The communication preferences of job candidates are evolving. Gen Zers are using their smartphones more than any other device. Texting is now more preferred than calls. Understand that the Gen Z generation will not bother with companies unwilling to meet them where they are. Your company must be social, mobile-optimized, and use omnichannel recruiting to stay relevant and attract the new workforce generations.

A Top-Notch Candidate Experience

It is a horrible experience for a job candidate when they admire your organization and take the time to apply only to discover a disorganized hiring process. If you distance yourself from your candidate, do not expect them to stay around. There are too many choices, and candidates will not tolerate a disjointed experience. Remember that the best job candidates are typically off the market within 10 days, so be prepared to give an incredible experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s refreshing to see companies committing to diversity in their hiring processes. The problem is that businesses are focusing on diversity while neglecting inclusion. All employees must feel safe and included in their workplace. A diverse and inclusive place of work is essential for workers as they evaluate companies and job offers.

Seamless Onboarding

The new generation of workers value companies willing to develop their skills and careers. The problem is that many employers do not invest in their employees after the hire. The result? A loss in efficiency and a rise in attrition.

Try to prioritize the onboarding experience to help your newly hired employees. Research suggests that employees who participate in structured onboarding experiences are more likely to stay with your organization.

Remote Work Opportunities

These days, employees are looking for flexibility and remote work opportunities. Furthermore, many employees will flat turn a job offer down if flexibility is not part of the offer. The good news for you, the manager, is that remote work is good for retention rates. Remote work and flexibility are fast becoming the new norm. Make sure your company is on board.

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