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Trying to find a new job in Denver? It can be hard to restart your job search if you have been out of the job market for a while. Addressing employment gaps in your resume is vital. You want to avoid presenting a wrong first impression of yourself to an employer. Sometimes, there are good reasons for employment gaps on a resume.

Common Reasons for Resume Gaps

  • Time spent looking for the right job
  • Medical leave
  • Time spent furthering education
  • Laid off
  • Relocation from one geographic area to another
  • Stay-at-home parent

Knowing how to include employment gaps in your resume can be positive and enhance the experience section of your resume. Here are tips to help you explain employment gaps in your history.

Tips for Denver Job Seekers Addressing Resume Gaps

Determine the Jobs to Include

Does your employment gap need to be on your resume? Remember that it is not crucial to have every job on your resume. Perhaps you are a professional with several years of experience, and your gap occurred early in your career. It probably is not necessary to include that gap on your resume.

As a rule, include only your most recent and most relevant experiences in the employment section of your resume. Once you determine which jobs to have on your resume, you can decide which employment gaps you must explain.

Disguise the Small Gaps by Omitting the Month

Are the gaps in your employment history small? You can disguise these gaps by omitting the month from the date of each experience. Keep it simple and just list the years of employment at each position. However, this method of disguising gaps in your employment history only works well when the holes are less than a year in length, and you worked at each position more than a year.

You worked at one position from Aug. 2016 through Jan. 2019 and did not begin your next job until Aug. 2019. You can disguise the gap by listing the dates of the first job as 2016-2019 and the dates of the following job as 2019-present. Remember that this technique might get you thru initial consideration but be prepared to explain during an interview.

Use a Resume Style That Makes Gaps Less Obvious

You may wish to consider making gaps look less apparent by using a resume style such as the functional resume format. The main appeal of a functional resume is that it focuses on your skills and achievements more than experience. This type of resume allows you to include sections in your resumes, such as a career summary statement and critical accomplishments, to help make positive experiences the resume’s focus. Include the employment section toward the end of your resume.

Include Experience Gained During the Gap

If it is possible to link the experience you gain during gaps with the position you are applying for, it might be beneficial to include more detailed information in your employment gap entry. Include examples of daily activities and responsibilities you had during your employment gap relevant to the job responsibilities for which you are applying.

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