Skills assessments can help you gauge the abilities and skills of warehouse job applicants. For a hiring manager, these tests can assess whether an individual has the skills necessary to perform various and essential aspects of a warehouse job. A skill assessment can validate an applicant’s practical skills by having them perform job-specific tasks.

A skills assessment provides much value to employers. They give insight into the hiring process by eliminating candidates that might be underqualified for the position. Many companies use skills assessments to understand better and develop employees to benefit long-term goals. Skills assessment tests offer employers the data necessary to make informed decisions about their personnel’s recruitment, promotion and training. These tests can help determine if a candidate is a good job or a cultural fit.

Here are assessment tests to consider for warehouse interviews.

Hard Skills Assessment

This assessment is for measuring a person’s skills in a specific area. The results of hard skill-testing provide valuable information about a candidate’s proficiency when completing frequently performed work activities.

Work Sample

A work sample is a realistic job preview. Work sample tests resemble tasks employees will perform in their warehouse position if hired. The results of these assessments are typically indicative of a candidate’s actual job performance because they closely mimic the essential duties related to the position.

Cognitive Ability Test

Some tests measure how applicants perform in typical situations. Cognitive ability tests assess how candidates perform in unexpected scenarios. The test evaluates an applicant’s ability to use numerical and verbal reasoning skills.

Personality Test

Personality tests measure specific aspects of a candidate’s personality. These tests are beneficial when hiring someone for a role that requires a particular demeanor. An example would be a highly extroverted person who is a fit for a position with much customer interaction.

How to Choose a Skills Assessment

When you choose a skills assessment test to administer to a potential warehouse employee, you must first consider a few factors, including:

  • Determine your goals. Before you select an assessment test, determine what you need to accomplish. Do you want to test a candidate or a current employee? Do you want to hire people with a specific skill set? Questions such as these can guide your decision-making process.
  • What skills do you want to measure? You must decide which skills you want to evaluate. Soft or technical skills? Different assessments specialize in evaluating specific skills.
  • Research the market. After you determine your goals and which skills you want to measure, it is time to research the market to find the ideal skills assessment for hiring warehouse personnel.

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