4 Reasons Recent Denver Graduates Should Consider Temp Work

It is an old story. You need to become familiar with and gain experience in a particular industry. However, you do not have the experience to break in. If you are a recent Denver graduate, you might consider temporary employment. Temporary work has likely not entered your mind as you dream about breaking into a new career. However, this type of employment is a great way to get your foot in the door for career development. Temporary jobs are an excellent way to bridge this gap.

Contrary to popular belief, temp work is an excellent option and here are some reasons.

Valuable Experience

Employers tend to hire workers with some experience, making a temporary job extremely valuable. This work allows you to learn on the job and develop the skills you need to become competitive in your chosen career field. Temporary work can give you the experience to find a permanent position. With experience, you are a competitive candidate and have a significantly better chance of landing a job. If you end up in an entirely different career field, it is OK because the skills you build will stay with you throughout your career.


Networking is crucial for a strong career. The hurdle you must cross is finding people with whom to network. Your temporary workplace has many people available for networking. It could be full of people who might become future mentors or business partners. You might get a lead on a full-time position that could be your dream job.

No Commitment or Attachment

Temporary jobs give you a sense of freedom. They allow you to explore different workplaces and roles and let you determine what the right fit is for you. It is a fantastic way to explore your interests without worrying about how to explain your itchy feet to a future employer.

When you decide to depart from your temporary gig, you will not experience the same sense of loss as those who leave permanent jobs. Changing positions is perfectly normal in the temporary work world, so most employers are understanding. There might be significant stress when you leave a permanent position, especially if you do not have another job.


The early 20s are a time for people to learn about themselves personally and professionally. Many young people are unsure of what type of career they want to pursue in college. Choosing a degree that gets them an unfulfilling job is often the result. Consider exploring temporary career options instead of being bound to a permanent position that you might not like. These short alternatives to traditional employment can help you decide what you want to do with your life and career.

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