Leaders take the initiative and drive the business forward for goal fulfillment. Leaders are responsible for all of those within the departments that they lead. Leadership requires knowledge and a sense of leadership. Can you spot possible leaders within your organization? Here are vital traits to help identify potential future leaders within your business.

Some of the Top Leadership Qualities to Look for Include:

Independent Development

You can spot a leader by how they approach their role in the organization. Independent means an employee considers how to drive to get more value. They are comfortable with the responsibility and accountability and own up to their mistakes. They improve upon their mistakes with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn more. Independent development is a sign of leadership potential.


Responsible people make fantastic leaders. Keep an eye out for employees who report their successes and failures, and accept responsibility for both the good and the bad. These employees will often offer solutions to prevent adverse outcomes in the future. These workers have the frame of mind to be exceptional leaders.

Solution Finding

Pay attention when an employee brings a problem or challenge to you to solve. Do they also bring solutions to the table? You cannot expect an employee to have all the answers, but possible solutions are always appreciated. The ability to think and offer answers critically is a leadership skill.

Staying Calm

True leaders stay calm and create order when things go wrong. Try to find an employee who can stay calm during times of stress to find a solution. This type of employee is vital for success, and you can rely on them to make rational decisions in difficult situations. These leaders keep morale high and encourage others to be proactive.

Active Listening

A true leader listens to the people following them and they encourage others to grow their teamwork and personal development skills. Ideally, you want to find workers who don’t interrupt others as they speak, actively engage in conversation and understand the situation. Active listeners establish trust with their colleagues, build confidence in themselves, and increase productivity—note which employees keep the peace during office parties and informal events.

Taking the Initiative

Potential leaders take the initiative on complex projects. These employees who do not wait for instructions on how to complete tasks demonstrate they know what they are doing. It shows confidence in their decision-making and abilities for higher-level work.


A true leader is proficient at self-analysis. Leaders look inward to consider how they can improve their performance. They question their motivations, decisions, and motives to have conviction when committing to new projects. If you cannot examine yourself, you cannot effectively critique others, making teaching and mentoring difficult. Self-awareness is crucial for future leaders.

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