The tricky part is over when you receive an offer from a company after searching for jobs in Denver. Not yet. Yes, the applications, research, and thank you notes are complete. However, there remains the crucial decision of whether to accept the position or not. Here are essential factors to consider when weighing the pros and cons of taking a job offer.

A Few Things to Consider When Taking a Job Offer:


People can drastically affect your work experience. Your new boss, team and co-workers will surround you every day, and they are crucial for your happiness and success. Please pay careful attention to how they treat you during the interview process. Were they nice? Did they ask both professional and personal questions? Did they call promptly? The answers to these questions can give you a good indication of how they will treat you as an employee.


Weigh the pros and cons of corporations, agencies, nonprofits and startups. Each is a different environment, and it is essential that you know in which one you will thrive. Physical location is another consideration. Long commutes and a lack of lunch options may dampen your mood. Getting up every day and going to a work environment you despise is pure misery, so try to make a good choice.


Benefits are significant for all employees. Employee perks like health, dental, retirement, and flexible spending plans are indicators that a company is doing well financially. If a company does not offer a benefits package, it could imply they are struggling as a company.


Most organizations can impress you with past work or current profits. Take an additional step and research the company’s recent success and hiring activities. Is the company operating steadily during the current economic climate? If yes, then the job is likely a stable one. If not, it might be a bad environment with a job that might be gone next year.


Money is a strong temptation, and it is easy to go for the money when you look at job offers. However, this is often not the right approach. Salary will be only a part of your happiness at work. Remember that you might take a job for money and hate it, or take a pay cut and find a job you love. Try to think about the whole package and less about your paycheck.

Gut Instinct

Once you have considered your future colleagues, work environment, benefits, stability and money, it is time to consider what your gut feeling is telling you. If you walk out of an interview and everything feels right or wrong, pay close attention to the feeling.

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