Supervision is a skill that improves with a focused and determined effort. However, it is not always easy to know where to direct focus which causes many managers to fail to live up to their ability. What do great managers do? Where do these managers direct their focus? Here are things that great managers do to separate themselves from the rest.

Smart Hiring

For business success, it is essential to surround yourself with the right people. A great manager understands the value of trusting employees while being confident in their abilities to perform their jobs well. To create this work environment, great managers put in the extra effort to ensure that every hire they make is the best possible candidate for the job.

They Know Their Employees

To effectively manage people, you must get to know your employees. It is important to learn employees’ strengths and weaknesses. With this understanding of employees, it becomes easier to understand what each employee needs regarding management style. It allows managers to plan and assign tasks and projects to whom they know will do the best job.

Keep It Positive

Your attitude or demeanor significantly influences your entire team. Great managers take precautions to never convey negativity towards a particular project or assignment. These managers keep a positive attitude.

Lines of Communication

Communication is the foundation for a group’s success. Employees need to have a voice regarding their work or the environment in which they work. Employees must be able to talk openly and honestly with management. Great leaders ensure that their team members are comfortable voicing their opinions and concerns.

They Get Their Hands Dirty

In the business world, things will inevitably go wrong. Equipment breaks, employees get sick, and customers get upset. The list of potential problems is endless. However, crisis separates great leaders from mediocre ones. Top leaders work alongside their people to help keep things running smoothly.

Great Leaders Give Credit When Due

Employees need a voice, and they also need to feel valued by their employers. There is no reason to go above and beyond if no one notices and there is no incentive. The best managers recognize and show appreciation for individual and team performance.

The Best Managers Stand By Their Team

Being thrown under a bus is terrible and worse when a manager does it to employees. Employees who do not feel like management has their backs will have no reason to speak up or do innovative work. They will adhere to the status quo. The best managers have the trust of their employees. These managers will take responsibility for their mistakes and errors resulting from poor management and guidance.

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