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Team meetings are essential for all businesses. Employees must understand precisely what is going on with the company and what expectations they must meet for success. How do you facilitate an effective team meeting? By taking control of the meeting and getting high employee engagement. Here are ten ways to run more effective meetings.

Designate Roles

There are several responsibilities involved in running a productive meeting. Take care of these responsibilities by designating responsibilities for each team member. It will help the meeting run smoothly while teaching your team how to lead. Consider naming a leader, a recorder, a timekeeper, and someone to serve as the devil’s advocate to challenge team ideas.

Create an Agenda

Use an agenda to outline what your team will do throughout the meeting and what objectives you wish to meet. Remember that there are many reasons to hold a meeting, and you must be clear about which type of meeting you are having. A well-constructed meeting agenda will include:

  • Meeting Schedule
  • Location
  • Attendee list
  • Purpose of the meeting
  • Agenda items and objectives

Encourage Everyone to Speak

Establish a safe atmosphere where team members feel heard and respected. Protect members’ chance to speak and stop any interruptions. It would help if you safeguarded talking opportunities for those less comfortable speaking in public.

Alter the Agenda

Do not follow the same monotonous schedule for every meeting. Switch it up. Consider inviting a guest speaker, watching a Ted Talk, taking the discussion off-site for lunch, or celebrating someone’s achievements. Give your team an enjoyable break from work when you change things up, and you will have them looking forward to the next meeting.

Real-Time Updates

As you proceed with your meeting, provide real-time updates on where you are on the meeting agenda. Updates aid in internalizing the discussion and helping employees stay engaged as you move along throughout the meeting.

Ask Questions That Encourage Discussion

Communication is a must for a team to be effective. Ask questions that get your team talking about their feelings, challenges, and their needs. If you have a safe environment, employees will provide valuable answers.

Strive for Improvement

Always ask for feedback after each meeting. The answers you receive will help you improve the effectiveness of team meetings in the future. Your team members must know that their opinions are valued. It is a team effort; they should tell you where you need improvement.

Follow Up

The meeting wastes time if your team fails to act on your plans. Plan to email your team members 48 hours after the meeting. Check on their progress with action items. Assign due dates for action items.

Send Out a Meeting Recap

Please send copies of the meeting notes and takeaways so your team can refresh themselves on the decisions made, what changes they need to make, and any other helpful details. A recap helps people review what they might have missed during the meeting.

Establish a Community

Your team is a micro-community. Allow your meetings to be a time for building team values and making connections as individuals. Connecting as individuals will help you deepen your community.

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