As workers slowly return to work in Denver, changes are happening due to the pandemic and the subsequent economic slowdown. These changes will undoubtedly affect the way workers do their jobs in Denver. Workers will face unknowns about the workplace, so here are a few things to expect upon returning.

Casual Office Spaces

Expect a casual vibe in offices. After a substantial amount of time spent working from home, employees want their office to be like home to a certain degree. Do not be surprised if a sofa or other residential furniture replaces a desk. Open layouts are still the thing but expect nooks where people can choose to work. Nobody wants to go back and work in a cubicle under fluorescent lights, so themed nooks will become more common.

Spaces for Collaboration

Many companies in Denver will continue to allow employees to work from home or use a hybrid model, so everyone is not at the office simultaneously. The workplace becomes a resource for meetings and collaborating. Expect unique video-call rooms, small spaces for one-on-one sessions, and possibly café lounges for coffee while you work.

Flexible workspaces will be standard, where employees can move things around to meet their needs. There might be movable dividers for creating meeting areas, adjustable tables, or portable flat screens. At home, workers curate their home office, so they need to have the ability to control their office space.

New Technology

Offices in Denver will be investing in new technology in the coming months. Since video calls are standard, expect to see larger screens, high-resolution cameras, and microphones to enhance calls. Air filtration and touchless technology such as sinks, soap dispensers, voice-activation sensors, and antimicrobial buttons will be a priority.

More Amenities

Snacks and ping-pong tables are lovely, but workers in Denver can expect companies to go big with the amenities to make the office feel more like home. The possibilities include mini markets with free food and drinks, gyms, bars for happy hour, and food truck parties in the parking lot. Do not be surprised to see Amazon lockers for employee deliveries.

Coworking Spaces

Remote working proves that workers and their employers do not need to be in the same office or city to be productive. Coworking spaces are ideal for employees who need an area other than their home to work remotely. Workers control how engaged they are, and they can socially distance themselves. You can rent a flexible space or conference room for a few hours instead of paying for an entire month.

Health and Wellness

Companies will be focusing on health and wellness and redesigning office spaces. Expect more greenery and natural light as outdoor work environments become more common. Outside offices might feature tables with power outlets, adjustable shading devices, and many plants.

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