Onboarding is a crucial part of every company’s success. So much so that research indicates an improvement of 82% retention when new hires receive excellent employee onboarding. So, companies must provide appropriate onboarding for new employees. It benefits new hires and employers. Additionally, onboarding must go beyond an introduction to company values. It must ensure that employees are ready to hit the ground running. Here are some onboarding practices to consider for your company.

Get to Know the Employee

People are unique, so it is essential to understand how to integrate new hires into a team. Please find out about the new hire’s job expectations and general work style. When you know these aspects, it makes onboarding easier. It allows you to make adjustments that will better their transition.


Getting new hires acquainted with tenured employees is essential. Take time to consider who the employee will be working with regularly. Make sure they meet critical people like team leads, accounting and billing departments, the human resources team, and the IT department. These introductions help new employees know who the go-to people are for work-related needs.

Carefully Balance Training Intensity

Always consider the amount of training you are providing. Try to avoid over-training and under-training. If you over-train, you are not giving the new hire time to process new information. Check on the new hires regularly but give them time to work and learn independently.

Under-train and a new hire will feel like you do not care about their success. It leaves employees vulnerable and unsure of their place within your organization. Strike a balance by assessing the new hires’ abilities and customize a training program based on their individual needs.

Provide Helpful Feedback

Do not expect a new hire to be perfect. An environment where new hires learn by failing is beneficial. Include feedback that sets them up for long-term success. Catching mistakes helps new employees develop better habits. Share compliments as feedback can be positive reinforcement.


Check-in with your new hires at varying points during the onboarding process to gauge how well they adjust. Try to understand their learning and where they need your support. Listen to comments with an open mind and encourage new hires to share ideas that can strengthen your business.

Onboarding is fundamental in helping new employees establish themselves. The correct approach ensures both employee and company success. When you incorporate these best practices, you develop an optimal process for onboarding new hires.

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