Appreciation is essential for retaining employees and increasing their job satisfaction. Although everyone likes extra cash in their pocket, it is not the only way to express your gratitude. You can express thanks without breaking your bank account. Here are five low-cost ways to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication.


There are several ways to compensate your employees who put in an extra effort. Consider bringing in donuts and coffee for the entire team. With a desk plant or a bunch of flowers, you can brighten someone’s day and the office. You can take a top-performing employee to lunch out of the workplace, or if your team is delivering against the odds, have pizza for them.


Yes, the employee of the month still has a place at the office. Formal recognition is effective, especially if you let the team nominate their colleagues. There are other ways to give employees a shout too:

  • Company shout-out. Use the intranet newsfeed or instant messaging to show appreciation.
  • Social media. Use the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account to recognize outstanding employees.
  • Rotate a trophy. Create a company trophy and let top performers have bragging rights for a period.
  • Establish a wall of fame. A wall display is a fun way to showcase staff accomplishments.

Professional Development

When you offer professional development opportunities, it is a win-win for your business. Employees feel prized and rewarded for their work while you benefit from their new knowledge and skills. You may wish to establish a mentoring program that can lead to a more engaged and enriched workforce. If the learning opportunity aligns with business objectives, consider contributing financially to education courses.


The traditional 9-5 workday is no longer practical. It does not fit modern lifestyles. A recent survey suggests that 80% of employees want flexible work options. The COVID pandemic is accelerating this growing trend.

You can start by introducing flexi-time or a compressed working week to provide a better work-life balance for your staff. You might consider giving a star performer a day off or an extended lunch break. How about developing a parental leave plan? Employees value being able to look after their sick child or attend school events without using vacation time.

Organize a Volunteer Opportunity

Contributing to your local community or society brings exceptional rewards. It strengthens your brand while developing your company culture. Get the crew involved and make it a bonding experience. It is important to most workers for their employer to be philanthropic and supportive of different causes. Volunteering is essential for young people.

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