When people think about the holidays, staying motivated at work probably doesn’t top their list. The holidays contain pleasant distractions such as visiting family, traveling, and gift exchanges. Work is, understandably, pushed aside. The expectations for you, the manager, are a high absentee rate, a distracted workforce, and low productivity. Here is some help to keep your employees enthusiastic about their jobs during the holidays.

Be Flexible

To start, give your employees flexibility in scheduling. In a large business, it is easy for multiple employees to take off work at the same time. However, if you are part of a small business, use a system to stay organized with time off. Try to give everyone equal time off. You might do it according to a request order, a lottery system, or seniority. Have your employees choose the dates they want off. Time off reduces stress during the holidays and improves employee morale.

Reward Your Team

Parties, gifts, and acknowledgments are greatly appreciated, but they also carry symbolic value. They show that the employment relationship is more than a transactional one. Rewards instill commitment and loyalty, driving people to work harder. Remember that you do not have to limit bonuses to monetary ones only. Consider discount coupons, vouchers, or paid vacation time if the budget is tight.

Celebrate With Your Team

No rule says you cannot bring Christmas joy into the workplace. So why not? Be sure to recognize that all employees may not celebrate the same holidays, so include Kwanza, Hanukah, and others. Decorate the workplace to make coming to work fun and festive. Set up your workplace festivities where employees can relax and mingle and not worry about the work for a little while. Secret Santa is always fun too. Snap some holiday pictures and create greeting cards for clients or customers. Share the holiday spirit and watch your employees’ motivation increase.

Make It a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season can easily get the best of anyone. It can decrease productivity, increase stress levels, and reduce our energy levels. Let your employees exercise during their shifts, regardless of type. It might be a short walk or a yoga session. It can be in groups or independently. The idea is to provide relaxation around the workplace, which your stressed-out employees will certainly appreciate.

Hire Seasonal Help

If you want your employees to know that you respect them, acknowledge they need help and bring it to them. If possible, hire seasonal employees who can provide the additional coverage you will need to keep up with the holiday crunch. Additional workers will eliminate the need for excess overtime. Ensuring the business is properly staffed during the holidays will take care of your customers and reduce the stress on your employees. If you are in the Denver area, PrideStaff can help you by providing your organization with seasonal and temporary employees.



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