Workplace flexibility is about adapting to changing circumstances and expectations on the job. Your sales and marketing team must be open-minded and willing to change how you work. Offering flexibility will enhance the workplace experience and productivity. Understand that marketing is rapidly evolving, so encourage autonomy. Train your managers on how to manage a flexible sales staff. Finally, understand that flexibility will not happen overnight.

Encourage Individual Autonomy

Please encourage your team to think and work on their own. Offer the flexibility for team members to cultivate their ideas without needing constant supervision. Remember that you hired this team to market. You hired them to think on their feet, problem-solve, and create new plans for marketing your brand. Autonomy allows sales and marketing professionals to develop new ideas instead of wasting time reviewing novel ones. Spending less time with your team allows your team to think outside of the box. The team can spend time adjusting to market shifts and trends.

Constant, active supervision will only cause employees to question their actions instead of adjusting to trends. Under your micromanagement, your marketing team will think there is only a single way to do things. Constant direction stifles creativity.

Marketing Is Changing, So Accept and Adapt to It

The days of the marketer telling the consumer what they require and why they need it are over. Thanks to social media, customers can share experiences and expectations of a company quickly. Marketers must adapt. You must offer your marketing team access to feedback from customers and potential clients in user-review forums and websites. Most consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends. Being informed helps your sales team gauge online reviews, allowing them the flexibility to adapt to customer demands.

Ensure That Your Managers Can Handle Flexible Marketers

A culture of flexibility is terrific, but your managers must know how to manage a flexible staff. Your management team must collaborate and communicate with the marketing team without micromanaging them. The key is balancing oversight and freedom to allow your staff to be as autonomous as possible. The management staff should be somewhat hands-off. However, they need to accept that the marketing team knows what they are doing and can make decisions without excess supervision.

Understand That Autonomy Is Hard for Some

You might have a team member who needs help to handle autonomy and still produce good content. You might have an entire marketing staff that requires persistent guidance. You might have to reform the team’s approach to marketing. Optimistically, you can retrain your staff to explore new ideas and accept unfamiliar ideas.

So take the time to retrain your staff in flexibility, being aware of those team members who cannot adapt and change. If a team member has a fixed mindset and cannot change, it might be time to part ways.

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