Are you considering an accounting career? It is an excellent, in-demand career that pays well and offers advancement opportunities. You might wonder if you are a good fit for the trade if you are researching. Of course, you must be good with numbers, but there are other considerations. Here are some things to consider when considering a career in accounting.

It Is a Detail-Oriented Profession

Accounting demands that you pay attention to the little details. You must be conscientious and focused on accuracy and precision. Accountants take pride in being perfectionists. When solving a problem, you are patient and persistent in finding the correct answer.

Lots of Numbers, But You Must Communicate Too

Accounting is not all math. Yes, it is a numbers-based profession. However, in the real world, problems do not present themselves as mathematical equations, although math solves them. For accounting, you will need to read critically, be a superb oral and written communicator, and be able to explain financial data.

You Might Be the Center of Attention

Accountants no longer work in a back office, so nobody bothers them. Your company will call upon you to make presentations. Perhaps you will lead teams. Math and accounting skills are mandatory for accounting, but being outgoing might be what gets you the job.

There Are Rules

If you are a stickler for rules, you will like accounting. Accountants follow the rules even if they disagree with them. Laws,  principles, tax codes, and regulations govern what data to report and how to say it.

It Is a Repetitive Job

Accounting is transactional and repetitive work. The same processes occur each month, as do the entries made. Numbers do change, but the procedures that manipulate them do not. As an accountant, you must be comfortable with structure and routine.

It would help If you Questioned Everything

An accountant’s prime responsibility is to safeguard an organization’s assets. They take nothing at face value. The job is all about questioning everything and being willing to investigate and do the research needed to find answers. If you are a curious-minded person, this job is satisfying.

Accounting Is Not a 9-5 Job

If you are seeking a straight 9-5 job with predictable hours, keep searching because accounting is not it. Accounting is deadline-driven and requires one to work until completing the task. Work picks up heavily during tax season. Accounting is an excellent choice if you derive a sense of accomplishment from completing standardized tasks quickly.

Accounting Requires Lifelong Learning

Accounting requires you to earn certifications such as the CPA, CFE, or CIA, and you will be required to complete ongoing continuing professional education. Even non-CPA accountants must stay current with the ever-changing standards of accounting.

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