Retaining a superstar employee is now a concern for many organizations. Figuring out how to keep these top performers engaged and happy must be a priority. If you have a superstar employee, that one that gets more done, gets better results, and gives better service,  how do you manage them?

Keep Challenging Them

Please provide the opportunity for interesting, complex work that uses a superstar employee’s strengths and skills. Failure to keep them engaged with satisfying work will cause boredom and eventually an exit from your workplace.

For top employees, each assignment must be considered a stretch. Projects must force them out of their comfort zone, or it should cause them to set larger-than-normal goals for the project. To make an impact, ensure that the project is high-profile. When you assign the project, let the superstar take full ownership.

Provide Opportunities

What makes a superstar? A desire to get better. You, as a manager, need to feed this desire with appropriate development opportunities. Avoid training that is below a superstar’s skill level. If the top-performing worker does not feel they are learning something new, they will mentally check out of the training. Push high performers in areas in which they are weak or connect them with other high performers within your organization.

Define Goals and Expectations

Defining goals and expectations is suitable for all employees and particularly vital for superstar employees. They need clear, ambitious goals for motivation. These workers want career development goals such as promotion plans or organizational advancement.

It is crucial to hold these employees to a high standard. Do not limit it to performance, but also how they treat others. Ensure they follow the same rules as everyone else, and hold them accountable as they set an example for the rest of your organization.

Do Not Micromanage

You can demonstrate trust in an outstanding employee by giving them ownership over their work. Avoid micromanagement. You want to tell them what to do, not how. Superstar employees are the ones you can delegate tasks to and have trust in their completion.

Provide Recognition

Do not take a high-performing employee for granted. These employees work hard and accomplish big goals for you, so acknowledge this. Recognize their successes. Giving these employees appreciation makes them feel valued while reinforcing that they play a vital role in the team and the organization.

Pay Them Well

A superstar employee can find work anywhere. It will help if you stay competitive. Of course, this includes salary and bonuses, but do not forget benefits such as flexible hours or more vacation time. Paying your best employee well is more crucial than hiring more help.

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