There was a time when a resume, handshake, and interview were an employer’s first impression of you. Now it is common for employers to go much deeper than this when checking on you. Employers want to know if you will fit their organizations and need information beyond what is on paper. Your social media profile is the first place they will look. Will they find positive examples or red flags? Here is how you can clean up your social media profile this Spring.

Go Private

Perhaps companies are already examining your social media content. If this is so, go to your settings and allow only friends to see your social media activities. Try to avoid friend requests from old bosses or co-workers and accept only those requests from people whom you know. If you must stay public, hide or delete inappropriate posts.

Google Yourself

When vetting for a role, you can expect a recruiter to Google your name. What the recruiter finds or fails to see can weigh your application tremendously. If you lack a social media presence, it can hurt you. However, if you are active on social media, but Google finds unpleasant things, it can hurt you too. Google your name periodically to see what comes up, and stay ahead of hiring managers.

Look At Your Photos Carefully

Your photographs are the first thing hiring managers and recruiters see when they find you online. Although professional headshots are a little over-the-top, ensure your profile and cover pictures are professional and visible. Photos taken at parties are great memories, but be sure the images do not depict anything wild and out of control. If in doubt, altogether avoid posting these types of pictures.

Get Rid of Old Accounts

Is there content of you from your school days floating around online? Hiring managers do not want to see your teenage fun, so deactivate old accounts. You will probably be surprised at what you might have signed up for at some time or another.

Distance Yourself From Negative Websites

Check out the lists of websites you frequent and dissociate with any that an employer might view unfavorably. Even if you are not friends with an employer on social media, they might have access to your feeds and comments. Remember that your online behavior has long-term effects.

Share Relevant Content

Now that your social media accounts are clean start sharing and posting relevant content. Post content related to your industry, experience and career interests. Search for relevant articles and industry news to share. Posting relevant content shows employers and hiring managers that you are well-informed and might be a good fit for a position.

You have cleaned up your social media profile. Now it is time to get a job! The professional recruiters at PrideStaff can help you secure a position that meets your needs.

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