What Prescreening Questions Should You Ask When Deciding on the Best Staffing Agency to Help You with Your Career Growth?


Interviewing in Denver

There are a lot of staffing agencies throughout Denver, and you need someone who understands your situation, respects your career ambitions. First, you have to know your requirements yourself. Here are some prescreening questions you should ask when you’re choosing the best agency to help you with your career growth. Prepare Yourself You need to… Read more »

Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity? Start Doing THIS on Social Media to Impress Hiring Managers


Finding a Job through Social Media | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

Social media can be your worst enemy when you’re searching for a new job.   Or, if you use it right, it can be your best friend. By now we all know that hiring managers and prospective employers research the candidates they’re looking to hire online and they report that they’re suspicious of candidates who… Read more »

How to Take the Necessary Steps to Stand Out in Your Job Search


Standing Out During Your Job Search | Denver Employment Agency

When you’re applying for a job, you want to make sure you get noticed. And you want to stand out as the best candidate this set of hiring managers has ever seen. You’re sure you’re the perfect person for the job and you want to make sure they know it, too. You need to be… Read more »

Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity? Avoid Doing THIS on Social Media (Part 1)


Finding a Job in Denver | Things to Avoid on Social Media

A job search can be stressful. You’re constantly worried about making sure you’re presenting your best self. And that includes social media. Social media can be a really great way to connect with hiring managers and network with others who might be able to help you find job opportunities. The flip side of that is… Read more »

It’s Time to Put Your Mistakes at Work Behind You


Frustrated at Work | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

We’ve all made mistakes at work. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending an email without attaching a document. Or replying all to a group email that should have been more private. Or, maybe it was something bigger—you miscalculated figures that ended up costing your company money or damaged your company’s reputation. Depending on the magnitude… Read more »

Four Red Flags Hiring Managers Don’t Want to See Online


Social Media Red Flags to Avoid When Job Searching

Nowadays, the Internet seems to be our resource for anything and everything—including people. Using professional sites, blogs, and social media, it’s easy to find out just about everything about a person. Hiring managers use Google to collect more information about people who are applying to their companies and they’re often finding out things they didn’t… Read more »

Sending a Thank You Note Could Land You the Job. Here’s Why.


Writing a Thank You Note After Interviewing in Denver

Sending a thank-you note after a job interview is a simple step, but it’s consistently overlooked by job seekers across Denver. It takes only a few minutes, but it can make a huge difference. Do it the same day as the initial interview. An email is quick and easy, and you can be sure it’ll… Read more »

Important Health Reminders for Third Shift Workers


Third Shift Employee Sleeping During the Day

The third shift, the nighttime shift, is necessary for millions of workers. Offering a competitive wage, it is often as desirable as a traditional work shift. But, those late hours can have a detrimental impact on your body, decreasing your energy and effectiveness. In worse cases, it can harm your immune system and make you… Read more »

The Guide to Making Your Temp Assignment Feel Like Full-Time Employment


Congratulations on your new temporary assignment in Denver! While you prepare for your new opportunity and begin to think about how to make yourself indispensable, you should also consider critical ways to help position yourself as a leader on your team. Just because you’re employed on a temporary assignment, doesn’t mean you add any less… Read more »

What to Do When You Love Your Job but Not Your Salary


If you’re underpaid, you need to figure out why. If the work is your passion, then you might decide that not making much money is worth it. You have a sense of purpose and you go to work with positive energy every day knowing you’re changing the world! Or at least paying your dues getting… Read more »