Should You Leave a Secure Job If You’re Starting to Feel Unchallenged


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There comes a point in the lifecycle of every job when you wonder whether you’ve been there too long. You’ve become more adept at your job, and in fact, you’ve almost mastered your daily tasks. Things aren’t hard anymore. But you haven’t been promoted, and you’ve seen other coworkers pass you by. Are you getting… Read more »

The Key to a Successful Monday is Proper Planning on Friday


woman working in office

A lot of people say that Fridays at work are worthless. People leave early to head to happy hour or to leave town for a long weekend at the beach. And although it’s probably true that Friday afternoon meetings are a waste of everyone’s time, Fridays themselves can be pretty significant as you set yourself… Read more »

Why You Should Always Take an Interview… Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job


Interviewing in Denver | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

If you’re offered an interview when you’re not even actively looking for a job, accept the interview! How flattering! They must have heard something exciting about you, so don’t simply reply that you’re “not interested” or “not actively looking.” Instead, change your mindset and hear them out. Consider the opportunity so you can make an… Read more »

How to Chat with Your Boss About a Raise, When You’re Instinctively Introverted


Asking for a Raise

There are many life experiences that are simply more difficult if you’re introverted. Asking for a raise is one of them. It seems that the world rewards more assertive people. In fact, 48 percent of individuals surveyed say they’ve always felt apprehensive regarding salary negotiations (source). Whether they don’t want to seem too pushy or… Read more »

Five Breathing Exercises to Help You Relax at Your Desk


Relaxing at Your Desk

Sometimes you just need to relax. Too much stress and tension can overwhelm us to the point that we can’t accomplish anything. Instead of making progress, we’re at our desks unsure of where to begin. And it can start to take a toll on our health—insomnia, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, the list goes on. Fortunately,… Read more »

Is Your Job Bringing You Personal Enjoyment? If not, it might be time to chat with your boss about aligning your day to day


Too many people settle for the notion that work is simply something to be endured, that we wake up grumpy on Monday morning and spend the rest of the week counting the minutes until Friday afternoon. But people who are happy at work perform better, form better relationships with their co–workers, and take more pride… Read more »

How to Deal With a Co-Worker Who is Seemingly Always Upset or Frustrated


Every workplace has them—those employees who always seem to be in a bad mood. Sometimes their frustration is totally justified, but the truth is that dealing with them can really destroy your productivity and even crush morale. You can’t totally sever ties with that person—you work with them, you need to collaborate and communicate with them on… Read more »

How to Talk About Past Employment Opportunities in Interviews


Standing Out During Your Job Search | Denver Employment Agency

We’ve all had terrible jobs, horrible bosses or simply jobs that we’re not exactly proud of but are still important enough to include on our resume. So how do you explain those employment situations in interviews? A job interview is not a time to vent. You can’t say anything negative about a previous employer or… Read more »

Five Tips for Restarting When Your “Big Idea” Gets Shut Down


Frustrated at Work | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

So, your big idea was rejected, huh? Well, you can’t win them all, but it doesn’t mean that you must quit altogether! Instead of sulking in your emotions or giving up, you can start by going back for more feedback. Figure out what made them say no and adjust your focus until you come up… Read more »

How to Stay Alert While Working Long Hours


Working late hours—either the night shift or overtime hours—at work is no joke. It seems totally doable until hours four, five, and six when you’re just ready to crawl into bed and fall asleep. But, if you handle it right, you can stay alert, awake, and energize through your shift. Here’s how to stay alert… Read more »