Is There Ever a “Right” Time to Leave a Job?


When is the best time to quit a job?

Deciding to leave a job is never easy! It’s scary, especially if you don’t know what you’re going to do next. But you must recognize when the time is right otherwise you risk the chance of losing passion, becoming disengaged, or losing momentum in your career trajectory. Here are some guidelines about when the right… Read more »

What NOT to Wear on Your First Day at Work


Workplace Clothes for New Job

Your first day at a new job can be stressful. There are new people to meet, names to remember, new software to learn, new hallways and offices to navigate. And, on top of everything, you also must worry about making a good first impression. Eye contact, firm handshakes, and positive, upbeat body language. But there’s… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Ask Your Boss for That Raise


Asking for a Raise at Work

So, you want a raise. You might have a very deliberate need for a little extra money—your child’s tuition, a new house, or some unexpected medical expenses. Or you might just think that you deserve a little extra money based on your work ethic and responsibilities from 2018. You’ve put in your time and you’ve… Read more »

Understanding Work/Life Balance in 2019


Managing Work Life Balance in Denver

There’s no doubt that one of the keys to happiness is achieving a good work-life balance. Even if you absolutely love your job, you still need a break. And, nowadays, that’s more difficult than ever—your smartphone and laptop enable you to work around the clock and some jobs in Denver even recommend it. But, that… Read more »

Four Actions to Kick Start 2019 and Make It Your Most Successful Year Yet


Preparing for Successful 2019

Kick-starting your career is no easy task, especially if you’re a recent graduate or you feel like you’re competing against people who are more qualified and experienced than you are. But there are ways to grow your skills and show off the ones you have with a little creativity. And, more than that, your efforts… Read more »

A Look Back on the Top 3 Career Advancement Posts From 2018


Career Advancement Articles

It’s that time of year again! The year is ending, which means it’s a great time to reflect on all the great advice we saw this year. When you examine your career, evaluating your 2018 goals, you’re probably trying to gather your thoughts and streamline the best advice you’ve gotten as you set your goals… Read more »

4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Your Next Job in Denver


Navigating a job search on your own can be frustrating. And, worse than that, it’s time-consuming, draining, and can sometimes be fruitless. But, an employment agency like PrideStaff Denver Northwest can help! They can build a relationship with you, get to know what you’re looking for, and start to find companies and positions that will… Read more »

What Prescreening Questions Should You Ask When Deciding on the Best Staffing Agency to Help You with Your Career Growth?


Interviewing in Denver

There are a lot of staffing agencies throughout Denver, and you need someone who understands your situation, respects your career ambitions. First, you have to know your requirements yourself. Here are some prescreening questions you should ask when you’re choosing the best agency to help you with your career growth. Prepare Yourself You need to… Read more »

Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity? Start Doing THIS on Social Media to Impress Hiring Managers


Finding a Job through Social Media | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

Social media can be your worst enemy when you’re searching for a new job.   Or, if you use it right, it can be your best friend. By now we all know that hiring managers and prospective employers research the candidates they’re looking to hire online and they report that they’re suspicious of candidates who… Read more »

How to Take the Necessary Steps to Stand Out in Your Job Search


Standing Out During Your Job Search | Denver Employment Agency

When you’re applying for a job, you want to make sure you get noticed. And you want to stand out as the best candidate this set of hiring managers has ever seen. You’re sure you’re the perfect person for the job and you want to make sure they know it, too. You need to be… Read more »