Three Mistakes Managers Might Make While Trying to Hire too Quickly


Common Mistakes of Hiring Managers

As a hiring manager, you know that hiring the best employees is the key to success for your company. The pressure to hire the best candidate can create a stressful situation. Bad hires damage your company, while you waste time and money trying to find a replacement. You are not alone. Even the top hiring… Read more »

The Key to Staffing Up for Peak Production Season


staffing up during busy season

Peak production season is a challenging time for all companies. It is peak season, the time when you need all your employees to show up consistently and be ready and eager to work. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Here are some strategies to help you staff up for peak production season at your company…. Read more »

Developing a Mentorship Program Among Your Workforce


Develop a Mentor Program at Work

In leadership, it is crucial that you help your employees develop their skills and reach their full potential. If you want your team to progress and improve in their jobs, a mentorship program is a fantastic way to do just that. Here are tips on making a mentorship program a part of normal company operations…. Read more »

How to Balance Speed with Quality When Hiring


Balancing Speed with Hiring

When you plan to hire a new employee, it is essential that you strike a balance between quality and speed. Quality candidates help you to avoid hiring bad candidates, which costs your company money. A quality candidate helps your company increase productivity, inspires new ideas and boosts morale. Finding a high-quality candidate is undoubtedly worth… Read more »

Three Ways to Approach an Employee Who is Visibly Overwhelmed and Stressed


Excessive stress is a major problem for the American working population. A little bit of stress is okay—it keeps people moving forward and focused on their goals. But too much stress can lead to trouble sleeping and eating, heart problems, disengagement, and immune deficiencies. If you notice your employees are overwhelmed and stressed, it’s worth… Read more »

The Key to Saying “We Need to Talk” Without Drastically Overwhelming Your Team


No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, when you hear the words, “we need to talk,” you probably start to freak out a little. Are you breaking up? Are you getting fired? Are you terminally ill? It’s totally normal for your mind to immediately jump to the worst-case scenario. So you can imagine how your team… Read more »

Six Ways to Keep Your Employees Satisfied and Motivated Throughout 2019


Employee Motivation Strategies

Employee motivation can be tricky. There’s no one fix that works for employees and not all fixes are feasible for every company. Regardless, when your employees lose sight of what drives them, or worse, when they become unhappy with their professional situation, you need to step in and incorporate these tips to keep them engaged…. Read more »

Your Guide to Setting Measurable Goals in 2019: How You Can Make Sure You Have Total Team Buy-In


Setting goals for a team of people is no easy feat. You need to make sure they’re challenging, yet attainable. But, if everyone doesn’t buy-in, the goals are worthless. And without a plan that everyone agrees upon, the goals will never be reached either. But if you are successful at setting attainable, measurable goals, your… Read more »

How to Mitigate a No Call/No Show on the First Day of the Candidate’s New Assignment


Interviewing | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

It happens: a candidate gets all excited about a job offer, signs a contract, and then doesn’t show up for the first day of work. There are a lot of reasons for this to happen—they get another offer, their employer offers them a raise, or they just get cold feet and decide they’re not up… Read more »

Three Solutions to Help Maximize Productivity and Motivation as 2019 Approaches


Improving Workplace Productivity | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

It’s not easy to manage an office, motivate people to work their hardest, and make sure they’re working as productively and efficiently as possible. But, low productivity can’t always be blamed on the employee—it’s management’s job to set clear goals, create a positive work environment, and empower your employees with adequate training and resources. Here… Read more »