How is Your Company’s Culture?


Your company culture is its personality. The everyday behaviors, attitudes, and policies consistently affect your company’s work environment. A positive company culture allows workers to do their best at their jobs, while a negative culture can damage your company in many ways. Defining your company culture is crucial because it can impact your decisions and… Read more »

How to Identify Leadership Quality in Employees


Leaders take the initiative and drive the business forward for goal fulfillment. Leaders are responsible for all of those within the departments that they lead. Leadership requires knowledge and a sense of leadership. Can you spot possible leaders within your organization? Here are vital traits to help identify potential future leaders within your business. Some… Read more »

How Managers Can Build Better Relationships With Denver Employees


How Managers Can Build Better Relationships With Denver Employees | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

Fostering healthy employee relationships is key to employee retention and creating a positive work environment. Like any other relationship, a boss-employee relationship must have a proper flow to sustain and grow. A healthy relationship with your employees can grow your company while adding a cheerful ambiance to your office. Looking to build better relationships with… Read more »

How to Track and Maintain Remote Employee Performance


How to Track and Maintain Remote Employee Performance | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

  Remote working is becoming common, and it looks to grow tremendously in the future. Estimates suggest that 16% of companies worldwide are 100% remote, and many other companies offer flexible working options. This shift is not just out of necessity, as there are multiple benefits associated with working from home. Remote work boosts productivity,… Read more »

3 Common Remote Worker Relocation Issues Companies Are Facing


3 Common Remote Worker Relocation Issues Companies Are Facing |Pridestaff Denver Northwest

There are a growing number of workers who are choosing to relocate due to the flexibility that telecommuting offers. A new report suggests that more than 1 in 10 Americans have moved during the pandemic, with remote work being the primary reason for the move. However, dispersion of the workforce creates challenges for managers who… Read more »

Ways to Make Staff Feel Safe When Returning to Work


Ways to make staff feel safe once returning to work

As we all return to work, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, states, and localities will help us understand our new working reality. We will also need to consider the emotional toll that the pandemic has on our workforce and their feelings about the current work landscape…. Read more »

Improving Workplace Retention – How to Hire the Right People Built for Organizational Longevity


Competition for top talent is fierce and retaining these valuable workers is vital for the success of your company. The cost of employee turnover remains high, and there are other hidden costs, such as reduced productivity, decreased commitment, training costs, and cultural impact. If you want to improve workplace retention, you must hire the right… Read more »

Are You Upskilling Your Workers to Guide Them to the Next Stage of Their Career?


Upskilling Your Workforce | Mentoring in Denver Colorado

Upskilling is just a new term for professional training and development. However, upskilling is more than just a nice perk you can do for your employees. It is now a must-do in today’s business world. Upskilling is the practice of teaching your employees new skills as technology affords new opportunities and new jobs which require… Read more »

Are Tattoos in the Workplace Still a Taboo Subject?


Tattoos in the Workplace

It could be the tribal armband, the distracting stamp on the lower back, or even an intricate facial design. These days, tattoos are everywhere, successfully transitioning from the arms of sailors to the ankles of sorority sisters. A person’s creativity and imagination are the only limiting factors to designs. Although we may love the tattoos that adorn our bodies,… Read more »