The Simplest Way to Engage in Small Talk with Prospective Clients


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Relationship building is crucial for success in most industries. This requires building a network and getting to know people. You need to understand what they need and want and, to earn trust, need to share the same about yourself. But, to get to that point, we probably need to start with small talk. Small talk… Read more »

Three Ways to Reach Your Company Goals More Efficiently


Reaching Goals Efficiently

Goal setting is a critical part of running a business. Without goals and objectives, it’s hard to know whether you’re moving in the right direction or just floundering aimlessly. By setting goals, and keeping them in your focus, you’ll be able to make a plan for getting there and you’ll be much more likely to… Read more »

How to Keep Your Staff Focused When the Seasons Change and Summer Heats Up


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Whether you’re a kid counting the days until summer vacation or an adult just yearning for warmer weather and some outdoor time, summer is an exciting time of year! There are barbecues and patio happy hours, beach trips and campouts, backyard games, and long afternoons to be spent by the pool. But as a manager,… Read more »

How to Become the Manager People Look Up to


Becoming a Successful Manager in Denver

It’s one thing to be the boss, but it’s another thing to be an effective manager, a leader. It comes naturally to some individuals, but others need to focus on it and develop those traits before it becomes second nature. Five Ways to Become a Manager People Look Up To Value Your Employees Recognize that… Read more »

Four Ways to Influence Attendance in the Workplace


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Employee absenteeism can be incredibly damaging to the workplace. It’s hard to rely on collaboration when key members of your team are regularly missing work. This might mean that deadlines are being missed, goals are being neglected, and productivity is waning. While there might be valid reasons for absenteeism that are out of your control—illness… Read more »

Looking Back on the Top 3 Management Articles From 2018


Top Management Resources from 2018

December is a great time to review your management strategies, evaluate your level of success, and figure out where you need to improve. What have you learned this year? What you can change? What can stay the same? If you need some tips, here’s a look back on the top three management articles from 2018…. Read more »

Interviewing Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Manufacturers


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When you’re ready to bring on a manufacturer who will represent your line, you need to begin with the right interview questions. First, you’ll probably start over the phone to gage interest and compatibility. The phone questions will probably be your make-or-break questions, those that will fish for the qualifications and requirements you consider to… Read more »

A Game Plan for Transforming Your Workers into Managers


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Developing your workers into managers isn’t something that can happen overnight. It takes months and years, but if you start early enough, engraining skills and traits in them until it’s second nature, they’ll be sufficiently equipped to make important decisions daily. Eventually, they’ll be guiding their peers and direct reports, enhancing not only their own… Read more »