Are You Sabotaging Your Success at Work?


Sabotaging Workplace Success

Sabotage is the action of destroying or undermining something covertly. It typically implies that there is a direct and deliberate involvement on the part of the saboteur. Sabotage is often a theme in spy novels or news stories about damage caused by business insiders. Self-sabotage occurs when this destructive behavior points at yourself. Destruction often… Read more »

Addressing Safety Concerns with Your Workforce


Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are a critical issue in every workplace. Keeping your workforce safe and healthy is a priority, and it is up to you, as an employer, to preserve a safe and healthy workplace. Your organization may have its unique system, which reflects the way it does business. What is most important is that your… Read more »

Three Signs Your Top Employees are Reaching a Mental Breaking Point



It is only natural to push your employees hard to meet deadlines and increase productivity. However, your employees may be reaching their mental limits. Here are three indicators that your employees may be reaching their breaking point Changes in Work Habits If your employee is reaching a mental breaking point, they may display a lack… Read more »

The Key to Getting Introvert Employees to Speak up During a Meeting


introvert employees

Meetings always favor extroverts. An extroverted employee has no trouble speaking even if their contribution does not move a conversation forward. Introverts need time, and they will never talk just to be speaking. It is a frustrating situation both for the introverted employee and for the leader of the meeting. However, there are ways to… Read more »

4 Employee Appreciation Tips to Consider This Holiday Season


Employee Motivation Strategies

The holidays are a great time to show that you’re thankful for all your blessings—your family, a roof over your head, your friends, your career, and all your talents. But have you considered showing appreciation for your employees this holiday season? Good employees aren’t easy to find, so it’s important to show your gratitude and let… Read more »

A Decade of Client and Talent Experience Excellence: PrideStaff Wins 2019 Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Diamond Awards


Diamond Award winners have won ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Award for at least 5 years in a row, consistently earning industry-leading satisfaction scores from clients and job seekers.   PrideStaff, a national, franchised staffing organization, is pleased to announce that they have earned one of ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Diamond Awards, after winning the… Read more »

February: Short On Days, Long On Hires


February was a great month for hires, just look at these smiles!  Congratulations to Rudy, Adam, Robert, Miles, Dominic, Monique and Adan!

The Key to Ensuring Diversity in Your Hiring Process


It’s no secret that companies are making the hiring of women and other underrepresented minorities a priority.  According to research from Indeed, the amount of diversity and inclusion postings, as a segment of all postings, rose by 18% in February from last year and are 35% higher than in the previous two years. In fact, organizations that house… Read more »