How to Chat with Your Boss About a Raise, When You’re Instinctively Introverted


Asking for a Raise

There are many life experiences that are simply more difficult if you’re introverted. Asking for a raise is one of them. It seems that the world rewards more assertive people. In fact, 48 percent of individuals surveyed say they’ve always felt apprehensive regarding salary negotiations (source). Whether they don’t want to seem too pushy or… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Ask Your Boss for That Raise


Asking for a Raise at Work

So, you want a raise. You might have a very deliberate need for a little extra money—your child’s tuition, a new house, or some unexpected medical expenses. Or you might just think that you deserve a little extra money based on your work ethic and responsibilities from 2018. You’ve put in your time and you’ve… Read more »