The Key to Getting Introvert Employees to Speak up During a Meeting


introvert employees

Meetings always favor extroverts. An extroverted employee has no trouble speaking even if their contribution does not move a conversation forward. Introverts need time, and they will never talk just to be speaking. It is a frustrating situation both for the introverted employee and for the leader of the meeting. However, there are ways to… Read more »

4 Employee Appreciation Tips to Consider This Holiday Season


Employee Motivation Strategies

The holidays are a great time to show that you’re thankful for all your blessings—your family, a roof over your head, your friends, your career, and all your talents. But have you considered showing appreciation for your employees this holiday season? Good employees aren’t easy to find, so it’s important to show your gratitude and let… Read more »

How Much Follow-Up is Too Much Follow-Up with an Employer?


  By now, we all know that it’s customary for job candidates to follow up with the hiring manager after job interviews. A thank you note is the first step and should be sent within 24 hours to each person who sat in and interviewed you. Email or handwritten card? Both are totally fine and appropriate! But… Read more »

The Guide to Confronting an Employee Who is Performing Below Expectations


When everything is going smoothly, managing employees is easy. But every once in awhile, there’s a hiccup, and someone doesn’t perform as well as they’re expected to. In those situations, it’s important to confront the situation as soon as you can. Don’t hope that you can ignore it, and the issue will disappear. Ignoring it… Read more »

How Should You Proceed When Your Top Candidate is Somewhat Overqualified for the Job You’re Hiring For


two women in interview

You’ve found the perfect candidate for the position you’re hiring for. Great! The only problem is that they’re slightly overqualified, which seems like a good problem to have. But how do you proceed? Do you hire them, or do you keep looking? What if they get bored when they step into the role? Will they leave for… Read more »