How to Build a Work Environment That Promotes Gratitude and Thankfulness


Showcase Gratitude in the Workplace

Building a work environment that promotes gratitude within your company is a smart business move. You will gain employees who feel like you appreciate their work, helping you build a healthy organization. All employees welcome the good feeling they get when someone says thank you, it is an essential human requirement. Authentic gratitude is a… Read more »

Three Signs Your Top Employees are Reaching a Mental Breaking Point



It is only natural to push your employees hard to meet deadlines and increase productivity. However, your employees may be reaching their mental limits. Here are three indicators that your employees may be reaching their breaking point Changes in Work Habits If your employee is reaching a mental breaking point, they may display a lack… Read more »

Spring Clean Your Resume with These 4 Tips


resume tips

To land the best jobs in Denver this spring, you are going to need an exceptional resume. Constructing an effective resume is not difficult, but it does require time and effort. Keep in mind that the hiring manager of the company that you wish to work for is going to look at your resume briefly…. Read more »

The Key to Saying “We Need to Talk” Without Drastically Overwhelming Your Team


No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, when you hear the words, “we need to talk,” you probably start to freak out a little. Are you breaking up? Are you getting fired? Are you terminally ill? It’s totally normal for your mind to immediately jump to the worst-case scenario. So you can imagine how your team… Read more »

How to Deal With a Co-Worker Who is Seemingly Always Upset or Frustrated


Every workplace has them—those employees who always seem to be in a bad mood. Sometimes their frustration is totally justified, but the truth is that dealing with them can really destroy your productivity and even crush morale. You can’t totally sever ties with that person—you work with them, you need to collaborate and communicate with them on… Read more »

Why Should Local Businesses Partner with a Staffing Provider to Assist with Their Hiring Initiatives?


Partnering with a Staffing Agency in Denver

Hiring new employees is probably something you’re not particularly fond of doing. You’d rather focus on growing your business, planning a marketing strategy, or managing the employees you have, coaching them and developing their skills. Plus, making the right hire, matching the perfect candidate with the skills you need, is an art form! It’s not… Read more »

Interviewing Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Manufacturers


Interviewing Support in Denver Colorado | PrideStaff Denver Northwest

When you’re ready to bring on a manufacturer who will represent your line, you need to begin with the right interview questions. First, you’ll probably start over the phone to gage interest and compatibility. The phone questions will probably be your make-or-break questions, those that will fish for the qualifications and requirements you consider to… Read more »

The Key to Ensuring Diversity in Your Hiring Process


It’s no secret that companies are making the hiring of women and other underrepresented minorities a priority.  According to research from Indeed, the amount of diversity and inclusion postings, as a segment of all postings, rose by 18% in February from last year and are 35% higher than in the previous two years. In fact, organizations that house… Read more »

Why You Should Hire for Talent AND Cultural Fit When Hiring


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The best employees have that perfect balance of talent and cultural fit into your company. Both qualities mean different things for different companies, depending on the industry, the type of company and the management that leads it. Talent is easy to assess—you can look for prior success, degrees, and qualifications, but cultural fit is harder… Read more »

Hiring in Denver? Consider These Four Tips to Find Qualified Candidates


Interviewing in Denver

Denver is booming with talent. The city is growing in a way that attracts qualified candidates, so you have to do your diligence to narrow down the best fit for your company. Here are four tips to help you find the best fits for your company quickly and efficiently. Define the Job in Plain Language… Read more »